Excellent Links and Tools for Writers

Here's a curated list of excellent links and tools for writers.

Excellent Links and Tools for Writers

If these ideas work for you and make your journey more productive, you’re welcome to them.

Almond Press List is a curated list of publications accepting creative writing submissions.

Write Jobs has been around for a long time. It's an interesting site that sometimes produces real job leads and lists some markets.

American Society of Journalists and Authors is the association to aspire to, the largest organization of professional freelance writers.

Guggenheim Foundation offers fellowships to exceptional individuals in pursuit of scholarship in any field of knowledge and creation in any art form, under the freest possible conditions. They have possible funding for serious writers.  

Underdown.org has a lot of good industry info if you write for children.

IndieBound is all about independent booksellers. What's hot, what's not.

Soulfood Cafe is where you get your serving of inspiration for any day. This is a classic website archive focused on Heather Blakey. Don't know her? Go read.

Internet Resources Writing Links is an all-you-can-eat collection of links.

Tools for writers

FactMonster, aimed at homework issues, is a dictionary, encyclopedia, and fact finder. Pretty cool.

Thesaurus synonyms and antonyms

Dictionary — quick and easy

Urban Dictionary — interesting, "the dictionary written by you"

Federal Statistical Agencies  — an index of federal departments that provide statistics  

The Phrase Finder Phrases and their origins. Where did "set your cap" come from? Look here.  

Info Please all the knowledge you need

Kindlepreneur list of best writing software

Word Origins awesome place to find out where words came from

Midjourney an AI image generator that is as cool as it is annoying. Steep learning curve, but it can generate book illustrations. Search Ontext.com for a Midjourney tutorial. Also, look at BlueWillow.

ChatGPT AI writing generator that can be very helpful if used appropriately. Also, look at Jasper.